Money is Sexy, But Getting it Can Be Quite Boring

I made a Facebook post asking if you were “herding cats”… And I receive some pretty funny responses in my inbox. But it got me to thinking even more deeply about this as it relates to building a business. I started thinking about how sexy money is and all the things that money can buy…

8 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Web Design Company

In my 17 years of designing websites I have launch many clients first website for their business and there are those that I’ve worked with that have already had their websites built that I have given a “website makeover”. After 100s of conversation with clients, I’ve heard countless stories of past experiences with designers that

4 Key Elements of a Successful Online Business

I won’t pretend for one moment that it does not take A LOT of time, effort and hard freakin’ work to develop and maintain a profitable online business. In the beginning, you don’t realize how much of a strategic thinker you must become when you’re developing your brand and creating your marketing strategies. Then you

7 Most Popular Online Business Models

Are you part of the internet gold rush? This internet business thing has changed the way that we do business AND do life forever. People that dream of a life outside of the cubicle or just wanting to escape their j-o-b feel like they can make a getaway. And many have broken that chain and

5 Things I Didn’t Learn in Business School

This is a special dedication to all the people with big dreams, hustling daily and in the trenches working hard to make those dreams a reality! I hope this can be a blessing for someone today!​ When I set out to get my MBA, I thought it was the right move for my business dreams

How To Be A Web-Savvy Entrepreneur

Today’s web-savvy entrepreneur doesn’t only work hard, she stays on top of her online game. She knows that the internet has taken over and one day you’re in, the next day you’re out (said in my Project Runway voice). And nobody wants to be on the outside of all the opportunities that the internet has

5 Ingredients For Ongoing Customers and Sales [Video]

The million dollar question for most entrepreneurs is, "How do I get consistent customers and sales?" The purpose of a business is to turn a profit and if there are no customers and sales, then there is no business. There are five key ingredients that make up the formula for ongoing customers and sales. Watch

How to Create the Perfect Lead Magnet [Video]

If you look at all the websites A.D.O. Digital has designed, one thing that is for certain, they all have a sign-up form to join the website owner's email address. It's part of the profitable website strategy. What makes that sign-up form more powerful is when it's accompanied by a magnetic lead magnet (also called

How to Avoid Building a Business You Hate

Building a business is an American dream than can quickly turn into a nightmare. In the very first episode of The Launch Lounge, Jena’ Emily Utley, Holistic Lifestyle Maven shares her personal experience of building a business she hated, turning things around and having a successful business and healthy work/life balance. CONNECT WITH JENA' ONLINE

3 Ways To Get Results Quick

If you're like me, the following rings true: •    You have "awesome" ideas. •    You want to make them happen. •    You want results as quick as possible. •    You'll do whatever you need to do to make it happen. You may find that when you’re “making it happen” some things work and some things

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