Today’s web-savvy entrepreneur doesn’t only work hard, she stays on top of her online game. She knows that the internet has taken over and one day you’re in, the next day you’re out (said in my Project Runway voice). And nobody wants to be on the outside of all the opportunities that the internet has to offer. As a web-savvy entrepreneur, she stays up to date on the current trends in technology and is always working on using the right tools to maximize her business. She knows that the right tools save her a lot of time and increases her efficiency. After all, time is money. To be truly successful in today’s world you have to have these key traits of a web-savvy hustle and heels entrepreneur.

If you’re a web-savvy entrepreneur these traits should sounds like you:

1. You Own Your Online Real Estate

You have your own website and not the kind that is rented on someone else’s platform. You own your own domain name and host your own website. Your website doesn’t look anything like this: You know that you have to own your own online real estate. You own the domain name of your business and you also own your own name. ( or

2. You Know What Social Media Platforms To Be On

You have social media accounts where your target audience is. Of course you have a Facebook fan page. If your business is catered to the youth you are likely on Twitter. If your business is visual you’re likely on Instagram or Pinterest. If your business is more professional you’re likely on LinkedIN, But you know that you can only become great on 1-2 (maybe 3) of these platforms, because you know you can’t be all things to all people and that is true for social media platforms as well.

3. You Know Your Industry

Not only do you keep your finger on the pulse about national news in your industry; you read all the niche blogs that are tailored to exactly what you do. Not to mention, you spy on the competition. You know you don’t have to reinvent all the wheels; you just have to be your magnetic self.

4. You Are Not An Army Of One

You know there’s no possible way that you can be the best in the business trying to do everything yourself. If you haven’t built a team, you’re working on building a team. There are small tasks that you know you should outsource by finding people all over the world on websites like

5. You Create Online Products To Build Wealth

You have online programs or products, or you’re creating online programs and products. You know that the only way to build wealth is to make money while you sleep and the internet has made it much easier for you to do so. If every time you make money you have to “do” something you’ll never be rich. Wealth isn’t built trading time for dollars.

7. You Don’t Play Online

You may have things you enjoy doing to entertain yourself online, but the majority of your time is spent online branding your business and growing your empire. Over the last year you can’t count how many people you have met online because you’re building your network.

Ladies did I forget anything? Leave a comment and tell us how you stay web-savvy in your business. Also let us know what you struggle with growing your business online. Let’s chat!