Why Getting Money Can Be Boring

I made a Facebook post asking if you were “herding cats”…

And I receive some pretty funny responses in my inbox.

But it got me to thinking even more deeply about this as it relates to building a business.

I started thinking about how sexy money is and all the things that money can buy…

But why when most people are working to get money they end up “herding cats”.

Basically, there’s no focus or control of your business model.

Here’s the ugly truth about getting money…

Money is sexy, but getting money is repetitive and boring!

And what does repetition require? DISCIPLINE.

If you read my previous email and answered the question…

“What one thing would change your whole entire 2019 if it was wildly successfully?”

Now you must decide what you have to do to make it happen.

It’s funny, whenever I get serious about getting in shape…

I always say to myself, “it’s time to bore the weight off.”

I eat the same thing everyday and follow a strict workout routine.

The results are crazy!

It’s only when I get “fancy” I don’t see the best results or get side tracked easy.

Just think about your iconic athletes like Kobe Bryant…

He was super talented, but they talked a lot about his discipline outside of the games.

So when it was time to show up, he showed up like a winner.

If you want to take your business game to the next level…

It’s time to “bore” your way to the money.

Marketing is the highway to money in business…

What marketing strategy can you execute every single day or week to get to the goal?

Is it hosting a weekly webinar?

Is it finding your most popular product and running continuous paid ads to it?

Or maybe it’s even picking up the phone and calling 20 business owners a week offering your services.

But you have to decide what you’re going to repeat, over and over and over and over again…

Until you reach your “Money Goal”.

Leave a comment and let me know what repetitive strategy is going to help you win??